RI Council on Legislation Report
By Thomas Polito
It was my honor to represent our District at Rotary International's Council on Legislation last month in Chicago. There were 534 other district governors from around the world voting on the items.
Here are some of the changes that will take place effective this July 1. The updated MOP (Manual of Procedures) will be updated soon.
  1. Minutes: Must take minutes at all Board meetings
  2. Treasurer: Now a member of the Board
  3. Delete: Membership fee (Vote 232-228)
  4. Club meetings: Clubs must meet a minimum of twice a month. If they choose not to meet weekly their by-laws must be updated to reflect their meeting schedule.
  5. Regular meetings: Clubs may also arrange for on-line meeting access or provide an online connection for members who cannot attend their weekly meeting (maybe they are on vacation) and this would count as a meeting for that person
  6. Make-ups: Still cannot bank them
  7. Attendance: Clubs can grant a medical leave for not longer than 12 months - (new) and for a birth of a child, adoption or foster care
  8. Attendance (Rule 85): Excused absences: Aggregate age in years is still 85 - (new) but must have been a member of Rotary for at least 20 years for the Rule 85 to apply
  9. Rotaractors: Can also be members of Rotary clubs at the same time
  10. Duration of membership: Board by a vote of not less than two-thirds may temporarily suspend a member for a reasonable period of time not to exceed 90 days. Prior to expiration of suspension period, the Board must either proceed to terminate the membership or reinstate the Rotarian
  11. Membership: A suspended member may appeal, mediate or arbitrate the suspension
  12. Membership: Potential members of a club must have their debts paid to another club before they can  join the new club
  13. Challenges to an election of a governor:Must now have 10 clubs (was five, before)
  14. Vice governor: Will be a past district governor and proposed by the governor-elect
  15. To charter a new club:Need 20 members (was 25, before)
  16. New Membership Committee:Eight members, three-year terms on a staggered basis
  17. Dues: Raise dues by $4.00 per year for the next three years (vote 297-206) (I opposed it).
Past District Governor Thomas Polito may be reached at tom@politoinsurance.com.