Amanda Graves Press Release
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Exciting New Juvenile Fiction: Heartwarming Story Celebrates The
Special Bond Between A Grandfather And His Grandson –
Intertwining A Lesson In Polio And The Importance Of Vaccines
Author Amanda Graves pens an adorable story to be enjoyed by the young and the
young at heart – accompanied with beautiful, full color illustrations by Larissa Pryor
MAITLAND, FL— Within the pages of Amanda Graves’s new book, PAPA'S BOOTS, ($9.99, paperback, 9781498479837) young readers will meet Jack on a very special day – his grandfather, Papa, is taking him to buy his very first pair of cowboy boots. But when Papa shares the story of his own first pair, Jack begins to realize why this day is even more special. What Jack learns about Papa’s childhood not only surprises but also educates him, along with readers, about the life-changing disease of polio that will forever remain part of our nation’s culture.
Amanda Graves explains that Polio is back in the news with new outbreaks despite every effort to eradicate it. She believes that it is important to educate the younger generation by showing them how devastating such diseases can be and why vaccines are so important. Almost everyone in her generation and older knows someone who had polio. She hopes her book will start a discussion.  
“I hope that readers will see how important it is to spend time with family and listen to the stories of parents and grandparents,” states the author. “Oral history is a vital part of educating our children and grandchildren.”
The husband of author Amanda Graves is a polio survivor so this special story is his story, as told to her. He adored his grandfather, and getting his first pair of boots was one of his happiest memories. Amanda wrote the book for her husband, Ben, but this wonderful story will truly resonate with readers across every generation.
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