Weston Golf Club
275 Meadowbrook Road
Weston, MA 02493
United States of America

Restoring the Earth’s Climate: An Elegant Solution

Dr. John L. Keller 

Dr. Keller will be giving a non-partisan, hopeful, expert presentation on climate change. He is a volunteer with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a national nonprofit organization whose activities include offering speakers for community organizations.  CCL was founded by Rotarian Marshall Saunders.  Click HERE to read about Mr. Saunders on the Rotary International website.

This talk is designed to educate, enable, and entertain. It may include short videos, slides, stories, and time for audience input and questions after the talk. In his talk, Dr. Keller will address a number of questions, including:

1. How is global climate change expected to impact life here and around the world for us and future generations?

2. Are there technical solutions that could significantlyalter the climate's current trajectory?

3. What specific actions can Itake to speed up the deployment of these solutions?

After participating in this meeting, members will feel (1) hopeful for a future stable climate, (2) energized, (3) inspired to get involved!

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