Contact: Bob Anthony
United States of America
All are welcome into the teleconference. Here are notes from the recent conversation with the Teen Council, followed by the Interact Committee draft agenda for Monday, January 7 - additions to both are welcome (mark your calendar for the 2PM Interact committee teleconference: 712-832-8330 Access code: 112818).
The Council teleconference had good attendance at the 5pm time but it was agreed that GroupMe will be the council communication going forward, to be set up by Rohan Prabhu amd Betsey Scrimgeour. The key agenda agreements were to:
1) ask Rotarians to e-introduce their council contact/s to Andrew Kung or Bob Anthony
2) launch a district service project, collecting videos to exchange with teens in other countries doing the Interact Peer Leadership and Depression Prevention project. Andrew Kung will tune the questions to better communicate the overall project themes but an early example of the video concept is posted on the @Interact7910 Facebook page. The district project is expected to generate international friendships, news coverage, increased membership, and new audiences for the program content.
3) present the video project at the May 4 multi-district Youth Day
4) foster motivated RYLA registrants. RYLA alum on the teleconference loved the experience but felt some participants did not really want to be at the weekend, present more for the award aspect / building a college application. Eleni Polymeros volunteered to draft criteria to capture the element of enthusiasm that should be sought in the ideal candidate.
The two other agenda items of scheduling a step-up day recognizing the rising Interact officers/RYLA leaders and sending a monthly newsletter article were less certain. Pros and cons were briefly discussed and discussion will continue. 
Interact Committee Draft Agenda:
What is the Interact Committee's Charter/Mission? (15 minute discussion led by Rob Mosher)
-- goals for this year (Goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely)
Update on teen council (led by Bob Anthony)
-- number of Interact clubs represented
-- district project; next steps (please take 29 seconds to watch the example video clip in Facebook @Interact7910 (clip from teen in India doing Interact Peer Leadership and Depression Prevention project)
-- RYLA promotion (ex. by Mark Messina in Weston/Wayland)
Decisions needed:
-- Author for monthly newsletter article?
- -Step-Up event to recognize succession?
-- May 4 Youth Day multi-district in Danvers
Additions welcome (send to Bob Anthony at