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Sheraton Needham
100 Cabot Street
Needham, MA
United States

Teens and advisors: If you want to launch an Interact club, here's how!  If you already have a club, build on your past achievements:

  • Sharing ideas and best practices
  • Brainstorming around a club and district project
  • Facilitating a wellness project

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8:00 a.m. Breakfast 

1) Why I am in Interact (Interact teens Hannah Lee, Lindsay Canaday)

  • The Wellness Project experience and outcomes
  • What I expect and need from the Rotary and faculty advisors

2) How to launch an Interact club (Bob Anthony, Rotary advisor)

  • Certification letter, roles and responsibilities of the president, the Rotary advisor and, in the case of school-based clubs, the faculty advisor    

3) How to run and sustain an Interact club (Hannah Lee and Lindsay Canaday)

  • Review the Presidential Citation; invite monthly video-clip competition
  • Membership, succession, financial viability and sustainability

4) Brainstorming with PIP Problems-Ideas-Plans  (Jeff Levin and Nadja Reilly)

  • One idea for each Interact club's goal for the year
  • One idea adopted by all district Interact clubs to implement 
  • Action plan including ideas for routine communication among all district Interact members 

11:45 a.m. Lunch

 5) Teen's prime time: How to co-facilitate the Wellness Project in your community  (Nadja Reilly)

  • Train-the-Trainer workshop using the Break Free From Depression curriculum
  • opportunities to teleconference with Interact peer leaders in other schools locally and internationally sharing ideas and experiences around the Wellness Project

2:30 p.m. Workshop ends