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23/24 Environmental Awards for District 7910!

New this year! Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards to recognize club and individual efforts to support the environment, fight climate change, reduce plastics use, or other initiatives that will help us leave a cleaner, more healthy and livable world for our kids and grandchildren.

The goal of these awards is to encourage clubs and members to undertake environmental initiatives and projects. While none of us are involved in Rotary to receive awards or recognition, this can be a powerful way to engage your existing members and attract new ones. Sharing your accomplishments with the community can enhance your public image, and by publicly presenting the Awards other clubs can be encouraged to explore their own environmental initiatives.

For more information about the Environmental Awards click HERE. If you still have questions feel free to contact Sue Peghiny at suef0503@gmail.com


The application is available by clicking HERE, and the deadline for submission is April 6, 2023.