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It's been said that the largest lithium mine is in the junk drawers of America. Demand for this raw material is skyrocketing as we move away from fossil fuel toward electrification. 

These batteries are in your rechargable screwdriver, hand vac, drill, shaver, keyboard, toothbrush, cell phone, TV remote...and more!  Rather than pull more lithium from the ground, help what's already up here get reused. If properly recycled - as this project guarantees - old and broken devices can decrease global reliance on mining and lower the cost and environmental impact of products.

Join us on Wednesday, December 14th a 7:00pm to learn about a ready-to-go project for clubs to collect lithium-Ion batteries.

Clari Nolet, ESRAG Board Member, will outline how to publicize and run this impactful turnkey project that people love because they get to clean out their junk drawers, garages, and attics, AND help the environment. 

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