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Talking about climate change with others can be challenging, including starting the conversation and responding to other people’s beliefs and feelings about the climate. In this session, we will explore ways to personally connect with others to create a safe space for climate conversations, including ways to talk about our own feelings related to the climate (e.g., anxiety, grief) and listening to people with doubtful or dismissive beliefs. 

On Thursday, March 23rd at 6:30pm the D7910 Climate Cafe will welcome Dr. Matthew Ballew, Ph.D., Research Specialist at teh Yale Program on Climate Change Communication who will help us learn how to talk about this important topic. 

Dr. Ballew is a Research Specialist at the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and specializes in social and environmental psychology. He focuses on the personal, social, and cultural factors that shape people’s responses to environmental issues, and how communicators can use this information to more effectively connect with their audiences and support opinion and behavior change. Matthew is originally from Michigan, but works remotely in Olympia, WA, right at the edge of the rainforest. 

Please be sure to register, and feel free to invite others - the Climate Cafe isn't just for Rotarians!


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