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 Thank you for an incredible semester!
State of the BU Sargent College Rotaract 2017-2018
Image from Cantina Night Fundraiser on December 7th 2017
Executive Board Members 2017-2018
President: Sarah Tuberty Vice President: Cole Koerber Secretary/Social media: Melissa Braun Treasurer: Sam Metiliz Service Chair: Jenna Stitik Mentorship Chair: Ioana Moldovan Fellowship Chair: Gabi Menendez Rotaract Liaison: Jesse Lao
Elected Executive Board 2018-2019
President: Ioana Moldovan Vice President: Jesse Lao Secretary: Melissa Braun Treasurer: Hailey Cerrentani Social Media Chair: Pooja Sonikar
Meetings: 18 total, Wednesdays from 5:00-6:00pm in Sargent College room 107, sent out weekly newsletters via club runner. To join the email list email: burotar@bu.edu
Total members; ~20 Regular members: ~10 (50% increase from last year!)
Service Projects:
  • Brookline Day Back Pack Awareness Table: gave away a bunch of backpacks and provided education on back pack safety.
  • EPIC Boston Serve: painted a local Boston school in groups led by individuals with disabilities who are empowered through service in their community - we also raised $85 for their organization!
  • Friends of Boston's Homeless/Woods Mullen Shelter: served dinner at the shelter and provided 13 housewarming baskets with items that we donated, collected and sorted in meetings for individuals who are moving into new housing arrangements.
  • Cradles to Crayons: created 3 fleece-tie blankets in a meeting and donated to their facility as well as volunteered at their Giving Factory to help with sorting shoes for care packages for children in need.
  • Pancake Breakfast: helped serve breakfast, bus tables, promote the silent auction, give away prizes and face paint for Brookline Rotary's largest fundraising event of the year.
  • Fenway Park Green Team: collected recyclables during the game and got to watch a great Red Sox game (plus free lunch and a T shirt!)
  • Franciscan Children's Hospital: donated 14 homemade cards we made in a meeting for the children in residence.
  • Boston Adoption Center: donated a bunch of homemade cat toys we created in a meeting.
  • Healthy Cooking Workshop with Women and Children Thriving in Brookline and Target: 7 evenings of cooking 1 savory and 1 healthy meal, 10-15 women and sometimes children would arrive and make delicious food!
  • Knitted 80 Items: for Brookline Rotary Clubs Knitting for Kids Project
In total, we served for over 200 hours of community service this year!
Mentorship Activities:
  • Keith Harris and Chi Lu Tran- Rotary International
  • Amy Witherbee- Financial advising
  • Karin Gaffney- Districtwide events and vision
  • Anne Bader-Martin- One Can Help
  • Susan Rack- Polio Campaign in India
  • Peg Doyle- Wellness and You
  • Diane Gallagher- Peace Corps
Fellowship Activities:
  • Vision Boards - made in teams to express what they wanted out of Rotaract and values that they held
  • Assassin - interactive game to help members bond
  • Gingerbread Making - Holiday party where we made gingerbread houses and ginger bread trains while listening to Christmas music
  • Ice Skating - First event of Spring semester, held at BU Ice Skating Rink, 3 members attended  Post-it positivity campaign - Wrote/ drew inspiring quotes and posted them around Sargent, CAS, and the gym
  • Making Cat Toys for shelter - joined event with Jenna, made around 20 cat toys to donate
  • Wrote cards for individuals moving into a new home
  • End Polio Now
    • Raised $119 to assist Brookline Rotary Club and their campaign for raising funds for ending Polio.
  • Cantina Night – Play for All Park
    • It was a successful event raising $1027.83 dollars raised for Play for All Park. We also had lots of donations from cantina itself, and other outside groups. Overall, another bar night next year might be successful as well as I think this was the most successful event of the year as turn out/fundraising goes.
  • One Can Help
    • We had a fundraiser for the organization One Can Help, which works with lawyers and social workers to help underserved children obtain any resources they might need such as a bus pass or a laptop for college. The event took place at Scoozi in Kenmore Square on April 18. Members came for a fun dinner with good food and 15% of their check was donated to One Can Help. Around 20 people attended the event and $28.59 was raised.
Club Events:
  • Fenway Green Team Service Project with Norwich University Rotaract- 5 members *1 member planned the event
  • Project Soar with Interact Cubs, WPI Rotaract, and Brookline Rotary- 2 members * 1 member assisted in planning an leading activities
  • RYLA Weekend with D7930- 1 Member
  • Hartford Zone 32 and 24 Institute- 1 Member, 1 Member on planning committee for Rotary Now
  • Fundraiser for Boston Rotaract Club- 2 Members
  • Interrota in Taipei, Tiawan- 1 Member
  • District Holiday Party- 1 Member
  • Mid-year Leadership Dinner D7910– 1 Member
  • Lifestyle by Design Podcast- 2 members
  • Improbable Players-10 members attended- 1 member on planning committee to bring this to BU
  • TedxBeacon Street- 2 members attended
Upcoming Events:
  • RYLA Weekend with D7930- 1 Member
  • Rotary International Convention- 1 Member
  • Rotary International Rotaract Pre-convention- 3 Members
  • Rotary Youth Exchange Panel Discussion at the RYE Pre-convention- 1 Member
  • One Can Help- Service project assisting the fundraiser gala- 2 members  
Thank you's and Good Byes' from our 2017-2018 Executive Board 
"Thank you to all Rotaractors who put service above self! Your dedication to community service has been so inspiring and has provided so much support to our nearby communities. It has been so much fun getting to know all of you and working alongside each other to make a meaningful impact. I hope you enjoyed participating in these projects with our club as much as I did!" - Jenna Stitik 
"I just want to say thank you to everyone who made this semester so great.  From making gingerbread houses to covering BU with positive post-it notes, I have loved being Fellowship Chair and sharing so many fun memories with you all! Thank you Rotaract for a wonderful year, see you all in the fall!" - Gabi Menendez
"Thank you for all your hard work throughout the school year and your commitment to service. Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas and helping make our service events amazing. I am honored to be a part of this club for these past couple of years and getting to know all of you. Thank you so much for all that you do and continue making the world a brighter place!" -Sam Metlitz
"Thanks everyone for a great year of service, fellowship, and growth. It's been a pleasure to get to know you, work with you, and laugh with you this past year! Keep up the good work for next year!"- Cole Koerber
"Thank you to everyone who made this year a huge success, we are honored to have each of you apart of our team. The dedication, energy, and passion for the 4-way test has propelled us to make effective positive change in our community. Thank you for your service above self!" - Sarah Tuberty
Have a wonderful summer and look out for big events from Rotaract in the Fall!! 
-BUSC Rotaract 
Your Team
Faculty Advisor: Karen Jacobs
President: Sarah Tuberty
Vice President: Cole Koerber
Secretary and Social Media: Melissa Braun
Treasurer: Sam Metlitz
Fellowship Chair: Gabrielle Menendez
Mentorship Chair: Ioana Moldovan
Service Chair: Jenna Stitik
Rotaract Liaison: Jesse Lao
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