As our Rotary Club of World Disability Advocacy has grown to more than 200 Rotarians and non-Rotarians, this past week has been yet another active one. Lots of really good things are happening worldwide. 
Our Club honors all those Rotary clubs that serve the human rights of people with disabilities. We will be presenting a certificate of application to the Rotary Club of Kericho, Kenya for their caring for a family with three children with cerebral palsy.
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We are looking for people who have skills in the development of web apps. We are also seeking a volunteer set up an online calendar, on a platform such as Google Calendar, where people and groups may post events related to our club, our group, and their missions.
Kindly introduce yourself to me, including but not limited to your county of residence, your role in the society, whether you are a person with a disability, parent of a child with disability, a diversity- and disability-rights advocate, etc. 
For more information on the Rotary Club of World Disability Advocacy, contact me, Club President Ken Masson via either WhatsApp or