Kindness is a part of the essence of The Rotary Club of World Disability Advocacy as well as Rotary in general. The motto of Rotary is "service above self," and it is in that spirit that the seed of kindness is planted. For those associated with disability advocacy, kindness can be, for example, helping a person who is struggling with a wheelchair; and, visiting someone who maybe feel isolated because of a disability. Oftentimes for the advocates, though, it is speaking up for accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities. Kindness can also be about bringing awareness to people about disabilities issues, including ableism.
(Shown: World Kindness Day poster stating, "We, the World Kindness Movement team, take a pledge to observe an hour offline in pursuit of kindness, love, and harmony on World Kindness Day. We solemnly render ourselves for service to self, family, and community at large, driven by kindness for all. In the spirit of kindred for fellow humans, we resolute an hour without the very internet that keeps us connected, yet bonded in spirit.")
World Kindness Day is November 13, and the World Kindness Movement (of which our Club is a part) is asking everyone around the world to turn off their internet devices and perform an act of kindness during that time. It would be good for those who are associated with The Rotary Club of World Disability Advocacy focus even more on helping bring awareness regarding the human rights for people with disabilities around the world.
If you are aware of a situation where accessibility and/or inclusion could be improved, please bring it to the attention of the people who can make the change. For example, while recently traveling on a plane, I realized that if I were deaf, I would not be able to hear the announcements made by the crew.
So, for my part on World Kindness Day, I am going to write to the airline association and ask them to consider changing this policy.  
I hope that you too will be able to help in this way on this day. Increasing awareness about accessibility and inclusion is a big project. However, by tackling it one hour at a time, we can make positive change happen.
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