You can own a sculpture created by an artist whose works are owned by many famous people worldwide. Additionally, your purchase will contribute to raising funds for Neurodiversity and Mental Health Awareness as well as for the Rotary Foundation.
It is the beautiful creation of Mark Stoddart, a member of the Rotary Club World Disability Advocacy and a world-renowned artist. The piece is aimed at raising funds for Neurodiversity and Mental Health Awareness and for the Rotary Foundation. Rotary President Gordon R. McInally endorses this project.

Tickets for this masterpiece, valued at almost USD 60,000, are available for just a little over $6 USD. To purchase tickets, please visit
Many famous people worldwide own one of Mark's sculptures, and now you can, too. To learn more about Mark, visit
Here, Rotary International President Gordon discusses with District 7910 Rotarian and artist Mark Stoddart the raffle that will help support projects that President Gordon endorses. 
And when you win it, how will you get it to your house? Mark will have it delivered.