Who will lead your club in the coming year? In addition to the President-elect every club needs to have its roster of executives planned at this point, hopefully ready to attend the District Conference May 3-4 to learn what is needed in their new role.
Please make sure this list of Executives is registered in ClubRunner by early May so that we can share with them important information and resources relevant to their roles. See the Learning videos on how to accomplish this, available on the District Learning page. At least one person in each club should have the privileges to accomplish this task. If you are having access issues, please contact Joyce Graff for help.

For clubs who have their own accounts with ClubRunner, see https://youtu.be/UV71wkir4TY (17 minutes)
For clubs who do not have a club account with ClubRunner but are hosted on the District website, please see https://youtu.be/sO2nyCxkknk (19 minutes)