Posted by Hamdog Hamlin on Apr 09, 2021
The Rotary Club of Weston-Wayland is pleased to announce that our Adopt-a-Field project has received conditional approval by the Weston Conservation Commission.
(Shown: Sear's Field in Weston. Photo: Weston-Wayland Rotarian Tim Gavin.)
We move now into our next stage of adoption of Sear’s Field in Weston by forming an operations and management plan with the Conservation Commission. We will be adopting one of the 25 fields in need of care that are located in Weston. We envision a budget and an effort that will encompass tools and help for invasives-management, plantings, and educational resources.
Our pollinators are under great stress due to pesticides and global warming. Without pollinators, we will have no food. As our club's Conservation Team, we will coordinate resources that will provide some solutions to this problem. We will maintain the selected field by invasive-species management, replacing invasive species with flora that are beneficial to the survival of our pollinators
Education will be a key part of this effort for a better understanding of this critical need of our natural environment. Our educational resources will include Master Gardeners and Pollinator Pathways. We plan to engage Interact and Rotaract students, girls and boys clubs, and Weston and Wayland students.
With a successful Adopt-a-Field, we look forward to working with schools, parents and families in Weston, Wayland and the surrounding communities. Once this project is up and running, future projects could include the elementary and middle schools creating pollinator-supporting meadows or gardens surrounding school property.  
At this time, we have eight members who make up our Conservation Team, including five of our newest Rotarians. Tim Gavin (2020) along with Katya Portnaya, Wendy Nollman, Susan Howards and Betsy Millane (all2021) have joined our Conservation efforts. Katya has teamed up with Charlie "Hamdog" Hamlin (shown, left) to co-chair the Conservation Team. She is also a member of Master Gardeners. The Conservation Team is grateful for the $500 award that has been provided to our club for its exemplary addition of new members. This award will be applied to field improvements via invasive-species management, and to the planting of native self-sustaining flora for the pollinators.
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