At the start of his term, Ian Riseley, Rotary International President declared 2018 The Year of the Tree and challenged the 1.2 million worldwide membership of Rotary to plant a tree for each club member on Earth Day. The Weston-Wayland Rotary Club embraced this challenge and expanded the program to include distributing Green Giant Arbor Vitae to first graders in Weston.




The project was so well-received, and so much fun for our Club members, that we made it an annual activity for our club. In 2019 we expanded the distribution to all first graders in both Weston and Wayland. In 2020, when Covid disrupted the school year we canceled our distribution. However, in 2021, when schools were back we created a video and doubled our order to 800 seedlings so we could catch up and get seedlings to both first and second graders.

Another successful year of the Seeding Distributions to the Weston and Wayland first graders!  3,000 trees are now distributed to date!

Thank you to all the volunteers who participated!  A special thanks go to the volunteers who distributed the seedlings multiple times this week, Valdet Abazi and Elton Leka from The Village Bank, Cheri Amour Mahan, and of course our seedling master, Mark Messina for his dedication and commitment over the past seven years!!!