Posted by Kathy Wilfert on Nov 10, 2020
The Rotary Club of Westborough is excited to announce its new Trex Recycling Challenge Program.
Trex turns plastic bags and film into composite decking and railing. Most plastic bags and film are not recyclable in curbside-recycling programs. So, this is a great way to help keep plastic out of our oceans and landfills.
Start saving your plastic! Shown, right, are the types of bags we can recycle through the Challenge. Shortly, we'll post collection/drop-off instructions
To download the displayed "Recycle Beyond The Bag' flyer, in PDF format, click here
We have a goal to recycle 500 pounds of plastic in six months. When we achieve this goal, Trex will send us a composite bench made from recycled materials, which we'll place in the local community.
To learn more, contact Kathy Wilfert, president of the Rotary Club of Westborough, by clicking here.
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