Good Golly! We Are doing environmental projects!
Kudos to Sue Peghiny. She opened our eyes to the definition of environmental efforts in the clubs. We had not considered submitting information from our club (Westford) about our environmental activities. Thank you Sue for reviewing club reports, newsletters and social media to identify those of us who did not identify our own efforts. Now we see that indeed we are working to improve the future of our planet. Our small efforts to a safer world:

TREX benches – we have received three of the ten we earned from collecting plastics. Benches are donated to area projects/programs.
Walmart merchandise – we participate in the Good360 where we re-distribute their unsold goods to our projects: Dept. of Children and Families Services, Wish Project, Daybreak Shelter in Lawrence, Cameron Senior Center in Westford, Paul Center and more. This project eliminates wasteful dumping.

Seed packets – this year we distributed over 2,000 seed packets all over town, and centered the stash in the Fletcher Library catalog (remember those?).

JUNK IN THE TRUNK – three times a year we make a school parking lot available for just 90 minutes where anyone can give away unwanted goods. There is always a truck to carry away all usable goods.

Host rides up the Merrimack River – this year our guests from Great Britain and Sweden have cruised the river to see the clean-up work by Clean River Project.

Global grants by: Westford supported 1. the Bedford Club water catchment basins in Kambiri Kenya; and sanitation and water in Ghana via the Club of Montreal.