On May 20, 2023, more than 500 Rotary clubs and 14,000 Rotarians participated in service projects all on the same day. In District 7910 alone, more than 300 Rotarians and more than 200 community volunteers came together to do 33 service projects.  See a carousel of large photos
We cleaned up, weeded, and planted in public gardens and riverbeds to beautify our towns.  We cleared invasive species and planted flowers to lure pollinators.  We fed hungry neighbors, seniors, and veterans.  We assembled beds, houses, picnic tables and meal kits. We filled bags and backpacks with clothing and school supplies. We recycled lithium batteries to keep dangerous pollutants out of the ground water.  
We organized and staffed a Children’s Business Fair, encouraging the next generation of Kidpreneurs to expand their thinking.  And through our own World Disability Advocacy e-club we did two amazing projects in Africa. In Malawi we distributed braille books to schools for the blind.  In Kenya we held a community celebration with local officials and school children to highlight both the need for Diversity and Inclusion and the need for Climate Action.  We helped disabled children plant flowers and gathered donations of food and mobility devices to increase the children's independence.
Together all of us in this one District did all of this in just one day.  We are amazing.  You are amazing.  Just imagine what we can do in the coming year!