Posted by Diana Nestorova on Oct 17, 2020
On October 15, scores of Rotarians took part in Open Doors With DG Diana, an online session focused on community-service and youth-service projects during the COVID-19 pandemic. The presenters were District Governor Diana Nestorova, Past District Governor Karin Gaffney, who is chair of the District Service Committee, and Christine Pinney, who is chair of the District RYLA Committee. To watch the 63-minute video, click here.
During the first presentation, Karin Gaffney (shown on left) talked about community service, and asked attendees to share their stories. This section begins 5 minutes 20 seconds into the video.
During the second presentation, Christine Pinney (shown on right) talked about youth service, including Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, and asked attendees to share their stories. She was joined by four RYLAns, shown below: Courtney Bottenhorn, Rishikesh Girish, Jospeh Maffa, Anya Thakur, and Andrew Yang. This section begins 43 minutes 35 seconds into the video.
Show below are the attendees who asked or answered questions.
To download the minutes of this Open Doors session, in PDF format, click here.
Shown, below, are the attendees of this Open Doors session who asked or answered questions.
The next "Open Doors with DG Diana" is set for Tuesday, November 17 at 6:30 p.m. To learn more - and to register (it's free) - click here.
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