Posted by Ron Faccenda on Aug 22, 2019
Summer is almost over and clubs across the district are working to finalize and implement their goals. This is a great time to consider a Visioning Workshop.
A Visioning Workshop can help ensure that your club’s goals are reflective of the values of your members, and that the goals have strong buy-in from the people in your club who will be carrying out these goals.  If you are finding that your club’s goals are generating only a lukewarm response or that members aren’t stepping up to implement them, a Visioning Workshop could help get your club moving forward.
Many of you have heard of Visioning or may have already participated in a workshop.  It is not uncommon for clubs that have done Visioning to report that the experience itself was valuable as a team building exercise but struggle to point to specific changes to the club’s activities or organization that were a result of the workshop.  These clubs point out that typical day-to-day workloads quickly diluted whatever resolve there was from the workshop.
The phase where a club processes the results of the workshop, and transitions from “vision” to action is critical for the success of each club’s Visioning. The difficulties that clubs face during this phase have been identified as a major area of concern by the developers of Visioning, and by many people at the district and club levels. This is an area that we will be focusing on during the coming months.
We will be offering more interactive support for each club, both before and after the workshop. Our goal is to work with clubs to clarify their expectations and determine what post-workshop time and effort will be needed to ensure that each club is effective in meeting its own goals for their workshop. We’ll help them process all the information and takeaways from the workshop, and even help facilitate follow-up meetings, if desired.
Our goal is to make the Visioning Workshop a clear success for each club.  The District 7910 Visioning Facilitation Team is a group of Rotarians dedicated to helping your club be more impactful and successful, and they have developed a wealth of experience in administering the program - you’ll be in excellent hands.  Give Visioning a try – whether for the first time, or if you want to give it another go. 
If you want to learn more about Visioning, please contact Ron Faccenda, District 7910 Visioning Chair, at or 508-932-7235.