Posted by Joyce Graff on Jul 31, 2020

The worldwide PolioPlus program has been responding to COVID-19! The community of health workers, surveillance system, and healthcare supplementation, created to help us in the eradication of polio, is a powerful engine, primed to work on any biological threat.  The PolioPlus engine stopped Ebola in its tracks in Africa!  Today that engine is being used to effectively halt the spreading of COVID-19 in the countries where we have teams.

We are preparing an informational program to relay the importance of funding the PolioPlus program to eradicate polio, but also to give the world the tools, procedures, and local connections needed to combat outbreaks of other diseases.  We're looking for 3 more committee members to help structure the program and create a powerful program. 

If interested, please contact Joyce Graff, District 7910 PolioPlus chair, a member of Brookline MA Rotary., 617-835-6949.

Joyce Graff

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“You have the chance to save the world by sitting at home with a book. This chance will not come again. Don’t mess it up.” -- a Cornell undergrad


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