Posted by Bill Paulson on May 21, 2021
The Rotary Club of Needham is nearing the end of its two-week Diversity Book Fair.  All the teachers in the town’s elementary schools have created book gift registries, with books that will help to diversify the set of books they have in their classrooms. Our goal is that every child should be able to see themselves in the books they read at school.
Now that we've set up the Diversity Book Fair website and the registries, we need the parents and community members to visit the site and buy the books. They don’t cost that much, so it is a great way for every family in town to be able to say that they are doing their part to help with diversity, equity and inclusion in their community.
NBC10 felt it was a great project, so they did a segment on it. You can watch it by either clicking here on the image below.
If this event goes well, we would write a description of the Diversity Book Fair, and promote it to other clubs throughout Rotary. Imagine if all of Rotary's 33,000 clubs worldwide, with a total of more than1.2 million members, do a similar book fairs in the next year.
That would be amazing!
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