Posted by Sylvia Kiggundu on Sep 02, 2020
COVID-19 is miserable for those without food. My name is Sylvia Balungi Kiggundu and I currently reside in the Waltham and am a member of the Rotary Club of Needham. COVID-19 has been hard for me — I am a certified nursing assistant who continues to go daily to my work, taking care of older people who need my help.  I am blessed to be able to be on the front lines helping, and I pray for my clients and their families to avoid this horrible disease. 
But right now, my mind and my heart are elsewhere, thinking about the very sad situation of the people from my home town of Bujuuko, Uganda, and the neighboring towns. Bujuuko, in the Central Region, is about 14 miles west of Kampala, the country's capital city.
The president of Uganda is forcing Ugandans with symptoms of COVID-19 to go into an abrupt quarantine for safety. There is no safety net to help these people with food, and most cannot afford food if they can’t work (see Watchdog Uganda photo at right). Such a cruel twist—this has caused so much hunger because people were not prepared to find themselves without work. My friends in Bujuuko describe to me the malnutrition, illness, domestic violence, and deaths that stem from the mandated quarantines. I have my own problems, but I cannot sit back and let this happen to a place so dear to me.

My kind and humble request is for people to help me raise money to be used to feed people back home that are in quarantine due to COVID-19.  Whatever I can raise will go so incredibly far to feed these people. A donation of $10 would feed one person in quarantine for one week.

My friends in Bujuuko are working with the local council leaders in the community to collect and distribute food to those in quarantine, but they need financial help. So many in need, especially the elderly, orphans and the sick. My friends will be taking pictures of the food distributions and give us receipts for accountability purposes.

Thank you. I will be very grateful when my request meets your kind consideration.
To donate now via GoFundMe, click here.
For more information, contact Sylvia Balungi Kiggundo, a member of the Rotary Club of Needham, by clicking here.
Editor's note: To learn more from Watchdog Uganda about more people in Uganda dying of hunger than coronoavirus, click here.
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