This is an incredible opportunity to win an extraordinary work of art while supporting neurodiversity, mental health awareness, and the Rotary Foundation!
Not only will you be entering to win a stunning piece, but if you or someone in your club wins, it can serve as a fantastic fundraiser.
The table itself has a value of $60,000, making it an incredible asset for any fundraising event. Plus, the second prize is valued at more than $6,000 USD, and the third prize is worth more than $1,500 USD.
“Together, we can create a world where neurodiversity is celebrated, not stigmatized.”

If you share this belief, then you have a fantastic opportunity to make a difference in just a few minutes. By entering to win an incredible hippo artwork created by the globally renowned artist and Rotarian Mark Stoddart, you can support neurodiversity and mental health awareness. Not only that, but you also get the chance to own a truly unique piece of art.
Mark is a member of District 7910 in Rotary Club World Disability Advocacy. 

Also, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Rotary Foundation which supports major causes worldwide.
  • First Prize $60,000 USD artwork coffee table
  • Second Prize £5000
  • Third Prize £1000
To purchase tickets, please visit: