Posted by Bob Wicks on Oct 01, 2018

Sturbridge Rotarians Care

Last Friday, a group of Sturbridge Rotarians teamed up with school and community volunteers on projects that improved our communities and fostered community engagement and cooperation.  Sponsored by the United Way of Southbridge, Sturbridge and Charlton as a “Day of Caring”, teams of Rotarians and volunteers spanned out across the region to work on a diverse group of projects.


Rotarians from Sturbridge planted trees.  Sponsored by the Middle School, the “Tantasqua American Chestnut Research Orchard” is part of a nationwide effort to restore Chestnut trees in this country.  Most of our native trees were destroyed by blight years ago, and now several variations of blight resistant hybrid trees have been planted and will be monitored in the orchard.  Soon, we will once again be roasting chestnuts over open fires.  

An even larger group of Rotary volunteers delivered refreshments to the various work teams throughout the day.  This group may have had one of the most challenging and appreciated jobs of all; they helped keep the other volunteers going.