Native pollinator plant gardens are key to sustaining natural environments around us. Our CTA: join us at 9:30am at the Beals' Preserve in Southborough to prepare a Pollination Preservation Meadow to help plant for future pollination plants. 
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Site preparation for a future Pollination Preservation Meadow planting. This project will expand the Pollination Preservation Garden that was created last year. Before planting can occur, all existing vegetation must be removed and the planting area
brought to bare soil condition. It takes a full season to smother the existing plants by laying down cardboard and covering with wood chips. In the fall or next spring, the area will be ready to plant.

The goal is to diversify the existing plant community to include more plants for our most at risk native pollinators. The area will be planted with the specific native plants that support declining species of native pollinators. The plants will all be selected from Dr. Robert Gegear’s Plant List for At-Risk Species of Pollinators. Dr. Gegear has been working with the OSPC since 2015 with Breakneck Hill Conservation Land as his first research site in the state.
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