Two awards you may wish to consider as Club President are the Significant Service Award and the Avenues of Service Award.
The Significant Service Award recognizes a Club whose project has addressed a significant need in your community. The Significant Service Award is designed to give districts an opportunity to recognize club projects that address a significant problem or need in the local community.
(Note that International service projects are not eligible for this award). 
As club president, you can nominate your club via this form to be recognized for a significant service project that addressed a need in your community. This is a simple, online application which your can access at
Avenues of Service Award (District recognition)
With an award from their District, clubs can honor a Rotarian or Rotaractor who participates in service activities in one of the five Avenues of Service — club, vocational, community, international, and youth service. Club Presidents nominate members for this award using an online application form you can access at
When you submit a member’s name for this award using the online application, nominations are then sent to the District Governor who will review and decide whether to recognize each nominee for the Avenue of Service Award with a certificate.  This document,  “Awards Examples of Avenues of Service Activities” describes the criteria for this recognition.