Posted by Judy Merriman on Nov 17, 2020
This fall it became clear that the Rotary Club of Shrewsbury's traditional in-person meetings and fundraising opportunities were going to be impossible because of the pandemic. With some brainstorming, club members decided to try something unconventional - and the Holiday Gift and Giving Online Basket Auction was born!
Club members worked on their own or in groups to create uniquely themed baskets, all, ready for easy gifting. Those who were unable to create a basket were encouraged to participate by making a donation to our foundation. 
In all, there are 15 baskets ready to be auctioned off online, using the 32Auctions platform. To stay true to the spirit of the season, the auction does not "go live" until midnight on Black Friday, November 27. It will remain open for one week, until midnight on December 5.
At that time, winners will be notified through the auction site and arrangements will be made for baskets to be delivered or collected. There are even options on the website either for donations to be made directly to our foundation, or for people to skip the bidding and buy the basket of their choice using a "buy now" option. 

The auction can be previewed on 32Auctions by clicking here, or by visiting our Facebook page, by clicking here. On the Facebook page, all of the baskets are pictured - and one basket is being featured each day.

The baskets are currently on display at Central One in Shrewsbury, although only Central One members are able to view them due to COVID-19 restrictions on entering the credit union. A show was created for Shrewsbury cable TV, which will be airing over the next few weeks. And, auction information will be available on our club's website. 

This was truly a group effort that seemed daunting at the beginning. However, it has come together beautifully and will hopefully bring in funds to help us continue our good work in the community. 

To learn more, contact Judy Merriman, membership chair of the Rotary Club of Shrewsdbury, by clicking here.

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