Are you ready for an emergency where you need to leave your home in a hurry or shelter in place? For most of us the answer is no. Rotarians in Shrewsbury will be creating 100 emergency preparedness kits as part of a service project to benefit local veterans, senior citizens and families served by Shrewsbury Youth and Family Services and St. Anne's Human Services. 
These kits will have the basics for sheltering in place during an emergency and a list of items that should be gathered and kept in a "go bag" for times when leaving home quickly is necessary. Items in the emergency kit include a fire extinguisher, a crank powered radio/flashlight/phone charger, first aid kit, blanket, mess kit, manual can opener, whistle, and matches. A list of suggestions for items to add based on personal needs will be included with each kit. 

Zip top plastic bags will be included in each kit along with a list of items suggested by to have in a "go bag," such as copies of bank account information, insurance policies, health and medical information, identification and a small amount of cash and coins. 

This project is possible thanks to a District Grant. Kits will be assembled on Monday, March 27th from 10am-2pm at the Shrewsbury Senior Center. The Shrewsbury Club is thankful for the partnership between the Shrewsbury Council on Aging and our club. Rotarians from surrounding clubs are welcome to participate in assembling the kits. Contact Club President, Beth Casavant for more information at