Posted by Lynn Faust on Sep 20, 2017
Learn how to strengthen your club by focusing on and increasing Service! The District Service Committee offers a club assembly with an interactive workshop-style presentation that will give your club new ideas for easy-to-implement service projects. Nothing will help more to engage and energize your members than doing more service-related activities in your community.
District Service Chair, Lynn Faust from the Rotary Club of Marlborough, has developed a club assembly to help members brainstorm ideas for new ways to make a difference in your local community through service.
If you ask someone what a Rotary club is, they will tell you that it is a group of people who do service together. At the center of a Rotary club is service. Community Service is an opportunity for every Rotarian to exemplify “Service Above Self.”
Your club can take advantage of a willing volunteer workforce by crafting a variety of service projects that address real time community needs and are interesting and fun to do. Service projects can include non-Rotarian (or should we say, Pre-Rotarian) volunteers. Use your service projects to find like-minded people who would make good Rotarians.
In this Club Service Assembly, your members will brainstorm low cost service projects that can be up and running in 30 days or less. The workshop also guides members to thinking through projects that the club has never done before. Finally, the workshop will also help you consider likely partners for new projects, such as your RYLAN’s or other community service organizations.
Let’s really make a difference through Rotary by doing more SERVICE!
Contact Lynn Faust to schedule an asse at