The Million Solar Panel Challenge is not just a campaign; it's a powerful tool in our fight against climate change. By promoting solar panels, we are not only reducing energy costs but also making a significant impact on reducing CO2 emissions. It’s a call to action that empowers us to fight climate change, one solar panel at a time.
Let's keep this momentum going: Rotarians log your solar panels here: Log Solar Panels. Also, please consider circulating the attached flyer to other Rotarians in your clubs, districts, and zones. These actions will amplify your participation even further.
If you are passionate about solar energy and want to get more involved, please join our Global Rotary Solar Leaders Meeting on June 19. You can register for the meeting here: Global Rotary Solar Leaders Meeting Registration.
Your participation in this cause is inspiring and essential. Every panel logged brings us one step closer to a more sustainable future.
We sincerely appreciate your dedication and the example you set for others.