Posted by Rotary International on Mar 16, 2021
Have you noticed Rotary International's new Learning Center home page? We’ve redesigned it to make it easier to find the courses you’re looking for. We’ve tailored one version of the page for Rotarians, Rotaractors, and club and district executive secretaries, and another version for non-members, including scholars, Interactors, and alumni.

Download and look at this new list of Rotary Learning Center Courses. The list now shows which courses non-members can take.

Remember: If you have a My Rotary account, you would access the Learning Center by entering your e-mail address ("user name") and password.

Using Learning Center on mobile devices

You can now take Rotary’s online courses on most mobile devices. Just download the app, which is presently available for Apple iOS 10. The app will be eventually available for Android 6 and later versions.

Get started by following these steps:

  1. On your mobile device, open a browser and go to Tap the Sign In button.
  2. After you sign in, tap the menu icon ( ≡ ).
  3. Tap the Plus sign next to Learning & Reference, and choose Learning Center.
  4. To download the app, tap the No button.
  5. Use one of the buttons, to open the app store for your device, and download Go.LearnDo not open the app right away. When the app is downloaded, return to the screen in your browser, and tap either the Yes button or the Learning Center link.
  6. When the app opens, you may hit either the Skip button, which will return you the Learning Center home page, or the Next button, to learn more.

The mobile version has some limitations. You will need to use a computer, to download certificates and/or view additional resources.  If you have questions about using the mobile app, contact Rotary's Learning Center at

Hone your skills with Toastmasters International

Become a more effective presenter, communicator, and leader through the courses that Toastmasters International has developed for our Learning Center. From speechwriting and interpersonal communication to building consensus and leading a team, these courses will help you grow both professionally and personally. All eight courses are now available in several languages in the Learning Center. Search by this topic: Toastmasters.

For more information, contact Rotary's Learning Center at

For comments, questions or technical issues about using the Events calendar, contact us at