Project Drawdown recently released a new analysis ranking the top 20 high-impact climate actions households can take to cut their carbon footprint by up to 25 percent. Do you know what the number one action is? Reducing food waste!

Every year, a full third of the food produced on this planet is thrown out. That amounts to some 1 billion tons. And when it decays, it generates about 8 percent of the world’s heat-trapping gases. That’s more than double the impact of all the flights in the world. How can YOU reduce your food waste?

-Instead of taking one big trip to the grocery store every two weeks, shop once or twice a week. Buy only what you need for meals over the next couple of days, including more fresh veggies and fish rather than frozen foods. With the fridge half empty, you can see everything in there and use what you have before it goes bad.
-Avoid stores that encourage you to buy more than you probably need (club stores and mega supermarkets). Trust me - you'll never eat 30 avacados not matter how good a deal they were.
-Don't buy food online - not only is there a ridiculous amount of packaging, these companies generate a lot of food waste because of their exact portion sizes.
-Compost either at home or through a service like Black Earth (which serves many communities in Massachusetts).
-Use companies like Imperfect Foods and Ugly Food to buy perfectly good food that would otherwise be thrown out because it doesn’t look quite right.
-Keep food scraps in your freezer until you're ready to make stock rather than throwing them in the trash.