Posted by Susan Peghiny and Elliott Rittenberg on Mar 01, 2021
Thank you to everyone who attended our first District Environmental Committee meeting on February 23, and to those who couldn't attend but have expressed interest in working to make a difference in Rotary's newest - and seventh - Area of Focus: Supporting the Environment.
To watch the video of the meeting, click here.
Here are the meeting notes:
Attendees: We had almost 40 attendees at the kickoff meeting, with others showing interest but unable to attend that date/time.
Goals: The attendees went into 10 breakout rooms of three or four people each, to discuss:
  • What their personal reasons are for attending the meeting, and caring about the environment
  • What goals they would like this committee to achieve 
  • What Rotary International's and District 7910’s roles should be regarding the environment.
After the breakout rooms, each group reported back to the entire committee. These goals and ideas were captured live, as shown in the video.  
Thank you to Mike Fox, of the Rotary Club of Newton, who volunteered to review the list of goals, consolidating and grouping them, as appropriate. To  download the Environmental Committee's goals, in PDF format, click here. If anyone has additions or would like to add unshared goals, please reach out to Mike at
Next steps:
  1. World Environment Day is this June 5. Can we put together a project by this date? Please send your ideas to Devina Thakur at
  2. Subject-matter experts list: If you either are or know a subject-matter expert, please send that information to Missy Hollenback at
  3. Organizations to collaborate with: If you have suggestions on other organizations with whom we should consider collaborating, please send that information to Missy Hollenback at
Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 9, at 6:30 p.m.  To register, click here(Remember: It’s okay to register as a guest if you either don’t know your ClubRunner login, are not a Rotarian in District 7190, or are a non-Rotarian.
We look forward to seeing you on the March 9 via Zoom. Thank you for all you do for Rotary and our communities.
For more information - and to help organize - contact District Environmental Committee Co-Chairs Sue Peghiny at and/or Elliott Rittenberg at

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