• Create an event flyer
  • Upload the flyer onto:
    --your club's website
    --your club's social media pages

  • Send the flyer to your local print and online newspapers
  • Remember to send your flyer to the District Team to promote through our Send Us Your Story form or email us at rotaryd7910@gmail.com

    We will promote your event on the District website, calendar, newsletter and social media.


TIP 1: Flyers should be saved as PDFs (for print publishing) or JPEGs (for online publishing)

For print or paper publishing, save the flyer as a PDF.  For online or digital publishing, save the flyer as a JPEG.
To convert a DOC file to a PDF or JPEG use File/Export/File Type (PDF or JPEG). 

TIP 2: Select High Resolution

Whenever possible, save your images as high resolution, so that they will appear as high-quality, crisp images.


For comments, questions or technical issues about using the Events calendar, contact us at rotaryd7910@gmail.com.