Many thanks to everyone who pitched in and used our collective ingenuity to make this a great year in spite of all its challenges!
Let me ask you one more favor before the end of this month -- please be sure to send a donation to Polio Plus.
In listening to this year's convention speeches, I am reminded how very powerful our 40-year campaign against Polio has been for the world.  This year there were a total of TWO cases of wild polio virus in the WORLD.  We are THAT CLOSE to ending polio.
And in addition, the infrastructure of people, labs, access, and action that we have created for Polio Plus has been able to pick up and run with the necessary actions against COVID, and now also against malaria.  As we defeat Polio, we are focusing on the PLUS and continuing to work for the health of the world.
It takes all of us doing our part.  I hope that you and your club will make your own contribution -- as large or small as the budget allows -- but be sure to play your own part in this global effort to defeat the diseases that interfere in our lives.  We have seen how a tiny virus can disrupt the best-laid plans of people and governments around the world.  It is only by working together that we can stop the current disruption and ensure that we have the surveillance and response ready to deal with future threats as well. 
And Rotary has the People of Action who can do it. It is all of us!

RI President Nominee Jennifer Jones about Polio-Plus

District Polio Plus Chair Joyce Graff , RC of Brookline