Posted by Rotary International on Aug 15, 2020
Every year, Rotary International recognizes the top Rotaract projects around the world in the Rotaract Outstanding Project Awards. One club and multi-club group receiving top honors will each be awarded $1,000 to support their projects.  Nominations are now open.

Purpose: The purpose of the Rotaract Outstanding Project Awards is to recognize exceptional community or international service projects that further focus and increase the humanitarian service goals of Rotary International.

Selection Process: 
Each online nomination form must be submitted by February 1, 2021. Awards will be granted to one winner in each of the designated regions. Awards will also be granted to international winners for projects submitted by a single club, projects submitted by more than one club or an entire Rotary district, and multi-district projects. Each awardee will receive S1,000 toward future project activities. We encourage clubs, districts, and multi-districts to work together to maximize their impact and increase collaboration. However, each Rotaract club, district, or multi-district may submit only one project for consideration each year. Winners will be announced at the Rotaract Preconvention. Projects that took place from February 1, 2020 through January 31, 2021 are eligible for consideration. Rotaract clubs that have received an award in previous years are still eligible to receive an award again. 

Criteria: Project submissions will be evaluated in the following areas and judges will weight each category as follows:    

Sustainability (25%): Sustainability means different things to different organizations. For Rotary, sustainability means providing long-term solutions to community problems that community members themselves can support after your intervention ends. Learn more about how to make your project sustainable. To download the Make a Sustainable Impact Guide, in PDF format, click here.

Community assessment and impact in Rotary's Areas of Focus (25%): Rotary has identified Areas of Focus areas where Rotarians can contribute to lasting change. Outstanding projects start with setting a high-level goal within a chosen area of focus, thinking about the impact they want to make, and not necessarily the activity they want to do. For example, a high-level goal would be to save mothers and children, and we need to make sure that more women can deliver their babies safely. Then, determine a project that will achieve the goal. Learn more about types of projects aligned with areas of focus.
To implement a new project, first identify community needs and strengths you are working with by completing a community assessment. An assessment not only helps you better understand the dynamics of your community but also allows you and your project beneficiaries to make informed decisions about service priorities. To download the community assement tools, in PDF format, click here.

Collaboration with Rotarians and local experts to enhance effectiveness (20%): Utilize Rotary’s Project Lifecycle Kit, which provides resources to maximize the success of your service project and builds stronger connections within the Rotary community.
Support of Rotary's commitment to change lives locally and globally (15%): Share how club or district members are People of Action by sharing and promoting the action they are taking to improve communities around the world. 
Percentage of Rotaract club members involved in development and implementation of project (15%)
Optional Supporting Materials: Project submissions may include links to online photographs, videos, blogs, social media sites, local media coverage, and other information that demonstrate the reach and impact of the project submission. Members of the award panel will consider this information as they review your nomination. Only information submitted on this nomination form will be considered. Information submitted directly to Rotary International by e-mail or by postal mail will not be reviewed by the award panel.

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