Posted by Dr. Louis de Pena on Oct 20, 2020
A group of 21 Rotarians and non-Rotarians from District 7910 had planned to conduct a service mission last March in the Lake Attilan area of Guatemala, which is served by the charitable, non-profit Worthy Village, co-founded by Julia Rayberg, a native of Rockland, Massachusetts. That trip was indefinitely postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
I first came to Lake Atitlan at age 14. My parents moved us here after they retired.
I left Guatemala to study medicine in the United States. After graduating, I returned to Lake Atitlan and have been serving the people here ever since.
After many years of working as a clinician for government and non-governmental-organization entities, I made the decision to open my own clinic. In 2017, I began working closely with Worthy Village and together, we now run the Worthy Village Wellness Center, where I am the medical director. We offer free medical care to thousands of people. We know them all well.
Today, we have people coming in tears - not just pain. They are in tears because they have nothing. They've lost their jobs. They cannot eat. They are suffering.
Join us on November 7 and 8 for Move With Worthy Village. Or, simply donate what you can. Even $25 would make a world of difference for our friends here. We give out free medicine and medical care, but we also need you to help us do more. I ask that you please take a moment to listen to my message in this two-minute videoThank you for your time and your generosity.
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