Articles posted during Rotary 2016-2017
January 2017:
imageJanuary 24: Mark your calendar for March Membership Workshops
imageJanuary 17: Another series of Membership Workshops in March
imageJanuary 9: The Rotary mid-year check
December 2016:
imageDecember 19 & 26: Improving effective membership efforts
imageDecember 5: Does your club’s strategy have an impact on membership?
November 2016:
imageNovember 28: How to improve membership in Rotary
imageNovember 21: RYLA is a great membership opportunity
imageNovember 14: Rotary clubs honor veterans 
imageNovember 7: The Rotary 'why' factor
October 2016:
imageOctober 31: Membership Workshops Recap
imageOctober 17: Membership Workshops start on October 24
September 2016:
imageSeptember 5: Corporate memberships in Rotary
imageSeptember 19: What are our Rotary objectives? Membership! Membership! Membership!
imageSeptember 26: Rotary club objectives
August 2016:
imageAugust 1: What would Paul Harris do?
imageAugust 8: Where will we find new members?
imageAugust 15: How do we approach prospective members?
imageAugust 22: Visioning
imageAugust 29: Unique approach to publicize Rotary by Northborough
July 2016:
imageJuly 4: RYLA is a great membership opportunity
imageJuly 11: Rotary - It's a New Year
imageJuly 25: Are we volunteers – or are we Rotarians?  What’s the difference?
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