Posted by Rotary Club of Marlborough on Nov 07, 2020

This year, the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce joined with the Rotary Club of Marlborough in their 10th annual Community Recycling event on September 26 and October 24 at the Navin Rink parking lot in Marlborough. After a wildly successful event on September 26, the October 24 event was even more successful — indeed, it was the most successful recycling day in the 10-year history of the semi-annual event.

We filled the truck five times That’s a few tons of junk that will not litter backyards, roadways, or landfills.
The list of Chamber members from all industries and sizes showed their sponsorship commitment to sustainability. They include Boston Scientific, Intel, Garden Remedies, Digital Federal Credit Union, Main Street Bank, St. Mary’s Credit Union, Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc., Avidia Bank, EKG Networking, Inc., Handcock Associates, D. R. Landers Landscaping, Fletcher Tilton, and Trust Energy Solutions. Thank you everyone!