Posted by William Garr on May 09, 2021
The Rotary Club of Lowell aims to make this Tuesdsay night's Virtual Music Trivia a real area event, to say officially goodbye to winter, Rotary-style. Event organizers invite current and former club members along with community members and District 7910 friends to join them from 6:30 to 7:45, to benefit the club's scholarship fund as well as local non-profits.
In the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the folks in our charitable non-profit organization, Lowell House Addiction Treatment and Recovery, decided to do something to lift the spiritsWe found a unique company: Social Events 123. Out of their dozens of online social games, we chose Musical Trivia Bio.
What an amazing evening! The host, who owns Social Events 123, made the night fly with songs, jokes, spontaneous online dancing, and even a few brave duets. And of course, we also had musical bingo, prizes, and great camaraderie!
I mentioned the possibility of a similar night to the Lowell club, of which I'm president. The response was unanimous: Let's do it! 
The cost to take part in Virtual Music Trivia is only $20 per device (computer/phone/tablet). Net proceeds will go to the Lowell club's Scholarship Fund as well as to local non-profit organizations. 
To learn more - and to register - for this event  - either click here, or on the image at right.
Lowell House assists people and their families to rebuild their lives and strengthen our communities by providing the resources, direct support, skills and freedom, to live a life of purpose in recovery
To watch a four-minute video, "Recovery is a Family Matter," either click here or on the image at left.
For more information, contact William Garr, president of the Rotary Club of Lowell and executive director of Lowell House, at either or 617-285-6386



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