Posted on Dec 05, 2017
In-Meeting Projects
A great way to add service to your club’s busy schedule is to fit a service project into your regular meeting time. 30-40 minutes is all it takes to accomplish great things when all of your club members pitch in. Advantages of in-meeting service projects include:
  • Increasing the service hours for your club.
  • Gives visitors a taste of “service above self”.
  • A change of pace from your normal meeting routine.
There are many examples of in-meeting service projects, and many of the clubs in District 7910 already do these:
Prepare dictionaries with labels for a Dictionary Project.
Write cards and notes of gratitude or encouragement, to veterans, elderly, or others. (partner with veterans’ organization, senior center, hospital, senior living facility).
Package something up! Many worthy causes need donations assembled for their programming, including:
  • Cookie kit packaging for a food pantry. (Brookline club does this).
  • Care packages for soldiers.
  • “Comfort Kits” for the Red Cross.
  • Valentines for nursing home residents.
  • Label candy to be handed out at a parade.
  • Load backpacks for donation to needy children in August.
  • Food packaging event (this takes a full hour).
Hold a planning meeting for your other service events. Planning for service events is service, too!