Posted by 32Auctions on May 14, 2021
Anyone with a link to District 7910’s Wild West Virtual Silent Auction site - on 32Auctions - can view it without having a 32Auctions account. This is a great way to increase interest in our 2021 District Conference online auction, which begins today, May 14, and goes through Saturday, May 22.
The process is quick and very little information is required - as you can see on 32Auctions’ Create An Account page. Requiring an account for bidding makes it easy for District 7910’s auction administrators to identify and communicate with bidders both during and after the auction.
Participants can view District 7910’s Wild West Virtual Silent Auction site without a 32Auctions account. An account is only needed for entering bids.
The easiest way to learn more about 32Auctions is to explore its Demo Auction page, which provides you with a general feel for how an online silent auction runs - and what information can be presented. All participants and bids are removed from the demo auction each night, so have fun testing it out!
We recommend looking at 32Auctions’ Overview page, which provides a high-level overview of how a site for an online silent auction works - and the steps necessary for running an online silent auction. There's a Help  page with answers to common questions that 32Auctions receives. And, there’s a Testimonials page.
Explore 32Auctions’ 5 Steps to Success, its guide to online silent auctions. There, you’ll find great tips, tricks, and advice for running a fun, easy, and successful online silent auction.


For detailed instructions on how to bid during an online silent auction, visit the “Bidding” section of the “Frequently Asked Questions” page on 32Auction’s websites.

To visit our Wild West Silent Auction site, either click here or on the image at right.
For more information, contact DisCon Wild West Chair Jim Fusco at



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