The best information on your club's Foundation giving can be found in the Club Recognition Summary on  Club officers (President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Foundation Chair) should all have the necessary privileges to see this report.
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Club Recognition Summary
In the column "Recognition Amount" is the total dollar amount donated by that member.  Every time they reach a multiple of $1000 they will earn another Paul Harris.  PHF+1 means they have been recognized as giving $2000 and have earned a Paul Harris pin with one jewel.
In the column "Foundation Recognition Points available" are the points this person has accrued through cash donations.  These points can be used to give a Paul Harris to someone else.  For points (not cash) this member could award a Paul Harris to someone else.
The club itself also accrues points. In the first line of the report are the points accrued by your club.  The club can use these points to award a Paul Harris to an outgoing President, for example, or to recognize the outstanding service of a member in leading an event or committee.  Or to recognize a community member (whether or not they are a Rotarian). 
Points may be transferred using the Paul Harris Fellow Transfer Request Form