Posted by Diana Nestorova on Jun 25, 2021
I want to thank you for all the support and encouragement that you have given me this Rotary year. Being your district governor is an honor and a privilege that I will hold in my heart, forever! 
While it has certainly been a challenging year, I am inspired by our accomplishments. Within these challenges, we found greater opportunities for service, leadership and friendship. We completed exciting service projects across the District and around the world.
While online fundraising can be challenging, it also can be enhanced by the use of technology. We had the opportunity to grow our technical skills and become familiar with the virtual world, thus being more efficient with our time. We had the opportunity to respond to increased local and international needs to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Our clubs worked hard and demonstrated perseverance. We got a lot done, and made a profound impact in our communities and the world.
No one does anything of value alone. I have many, many Rotarians throughout the district to thank. They have worked diligently to make this a most successful year! I cannot be more proud of our leadership team. You put the mirror away, and looked through a fresh lens to open opportunities to lead and inspire. Big, heartfelt thanks!
All of us have embraced the challenges of the past year and turned them into opportunities, by taking all steps required to make us better Rotarians and better community ambassadors. This experience truly enhanced our lives. We are “changed” people because of our Rotary journey.
I’d like to share with you our online flipbook, District 7910 2020-2021 - A Year In Review . Because it reflects on our extraordinary achievements, you will find it engaging and inspirational - maybe a little bit nostalgic. We showcased mostly our clubs' service projects, some online fundraisers, the charter of the brand new Rotary Club of World Disability Advocacy, new Rotaract Club of MassBay Community College, four Interact clubs, our four new initiatives and committees, a library of our monthly newsletters and as well as our monthly Open Doors with DG Diana online gathering.
Happy reading! Click here, to do back flips over our 2020-2021 - A Year In Review flipbook.
Sincerely deep appreciation to Palma Cicchetti, editor of our monthly District Newsletter,  for her imagination, creativity and master skills in designing and producing this virtual  book.
Flipbook instructions:
1. If you want to hear the page-flip sounds, make sure your audio is on and you are using a desktop.
2. Use the left and right arrow buttons, located on the respective side of each flipbook page, to move forward or backward through the flipbook
3. Any text or graphic that has a highlight when you hover over it is an active link that will take you to the linked story. Please note: Both the solid blue pages with text and the digital collage pages of multiple graphics are not active.
4. All graphics are connected to stories outside of the compilation pages. Click on individual graphics, to get to the story.
5. When you click on a link and get to the story, you return to the flipbook by clicking the flipbook tab on your toolbar: Rotary District 7910 - 2020-2021 - A Year In Review.
Your exceedingly grateful and proud DG Diana!
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