Posted by Elliott Rittenberg Sue Peghiny on Mar 15, 2021
District 7910's Environmental Committee is considering water, education and recycling as a guide to its activities. That, along with several other issues, were discussed during the committee's March 9 meeting via Zoom.
Thank you to everyone who attended our second committee meeting. Thanks, too, to those who couldn't attend but have expressed interest in working to make a difference in Rotary's newest - and seventh - Area of Focus: supporting the environment.
Approximately 30 people attended our second meeting, on March 9. To watch a 65-minute video of the meeting, click here.
Here's a summary of  the six issues discussed during our March 9 meeting:
1. World Environment Day, June 5: We're still seeking ideas for a possible program.
2. Experts and collaborations: Melissa Hollenback is focused on coordination with other organizations, to create a database with a dual use for resources and speakers. She has about 30 different group items, including the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, which is a resource full of information. Liz, from Bolton, and other committee members also shared links and information.
3. Mission statement, goals and themes: It was agreed that our committee needs a mission statement and a definition of purpose. At this juncture, one possible model is that clubs in our district engage in projects, with our committee supporting those activities - thereby empowering our clubs. A group of committee members has volunteered to consider the suggested starting points, and to create a proposed mission statement. Thank you to Missy Hollenback, Junaid Marvi, James Comes, and Ralph Hammond. Junaid and Mike Fox presented several ideas for themes to guide our activities. These themes included water, education, and recycling. One scenario involves the committee selecting a project theme, and clubs then selecting projects aligned to that theme. Our committee would then support the projects with speakers, best practices, and suggested partnerships. It was felt that the questions of themes and goals will be better addressed once a our committee develops and adopts a clear mission statement. To download Junaid and Mike's presentation, either click here or on the image at right.
4. ESRAG guest: Karen Kendricks-Hands joined us, to introduce Rotary's Environmental Sustainability Action Group and describe some of its efforts. ESRAG is growing rapidly, and she encouraged all of our attendees to become members. For more information on ESRAG, click here.
5. Youth involvement: This seen as a key component of our committee. How do we engage youth? We're seeking any and all ideas for Interact and Rotaract involvement, as well as for outside community collaborations. The Sunrise Movement was cited as an example of a potential youth collaborator. Kelley Freda and Ralph Hammond volunteered to lead this effort. Please reach out to Kelley or Ralph, to provide input.
6. Trex plastic collection: Several attendees expressed interest in the Trex Plastics Challenge, which collects thin-film plastic and send it o Trex for use in that company's manufacturing process. The Rotary Club of Westborough has an active project for this purpose, and to date has collected more than 1,100 pounds of thin-film plastic. You may download a presentation on this effort, prepared by Sharad Mehta, who chairs the club's Environmental Committee, by either clicking here or on the image right. To download a poster used to publicize the effort, click here. Additional information is available on the Trex website.
We look forward to seeing you on March 23 via Zoom. Thank you for all you do for Rotary and our communities.
Next meeting: Tuesday, March 23 at 6:30 p.m. A reminder will be sent at the end of this week. To register, click here (Remember: It’s okay to register as a guest if you either don’t know your ClubRunner login, are not a Rotarian in District 7190, or are a non-Rotarian.)
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