District 7910 Responds to Hurricanes’ Impact: Thank You!
Harvey, then Irma, then Maria.  Texas, Alabama, Florida, the Caribbean, and then the devastation of Puerto Rico.
Clubs across our district have responded with fundraising drives, gifts to the region, awareness events and more.  This was a spontaneous outpouring of Rotary energy.  Thank you, District 7910 Rotarians!
The Rotary Foundation set up Donor-Advised Funds (info here): http://rotary7780.org/Stories/update-on-rotary-hurricane-relief-funds-and-efforts
Operation Endeavor, Wings Of Michael, and Rotary team members on deck in Port Au Prince on 19 Oct 2017 preparing to transition to the norther city of Cap Haitien to complete distribution of 1,000 clean water filtration systems for 1,000 families - and to train 25 Rescuer candidates in EMS/Rescue skills. 
These funds remain active, and are being drawn upon at the direction of the district governors and clubs in the affected regions, under the supervision of RI President-Elect Barry Rassin and the Foundation Trustees.
In District 7910, a new district committee has been formed to explore options and determine how to continue our efforts at assisting communities most effected by the devastating events. The committee is chaired by Gary Hough, Past President of the Wachusett Area club. The committee has met to consider its short and long-term priorities for providing assistance.
Currently, the committee is developing a partnership with OPERATION ENDEAVOR www.911ForTheWorld.org, a 501(c)(3) non-profit missioned to provide training in rescue, emergency medicine and trauma, while supporting public health and safety, EMS system development, and disaster preparedness in developing regions of the world. Operating Endeavor has, in the wake of the recent hurricanes, expanded its mission to provide disaster relief and delivery of supplies and materials.
The committee will support Operation Endeavor in its disaster relief efforts in the northwest corner of Puerto Rico near the town of Moca. Poverty is prevalent and assistance is slow in coming to this remote area.
The committee plans to raise funds for Operation Endeavor to send teams to the area in December, January and February to distribute supplies and administer to the people. The committee is also exploring the development of a multi-club district grant that will leverage the clubs’ resources in collecting donations of/for supplies to be delivered to the community around Moca in Puerto Rico with DDF from the district to maximize the impact and the difference in the beneficiaries’ life. The district grant will likely run between January and June 2018.
If you are interested in participating in the planning or fundraising, please contact Gary Hough at holdenhunt@aol.com.