John has been a faithful member of this club since 1988.  Throughout that time, he has been a model Rotarian behind the scenes – a Silent Supporter, always ready to help when the Club needed him.   

As a young man, he learned several languages and had the opportunity to travel and live abroad. He is always ready to share his broad knowledge and experience, and is devoted to the idea of cross-cultural understanding through student exchange.  He has been an enthusiastic supporter of educational efforts, especially in Latin America, and a strong supporter of cultural exchange programs.  His love of languages and learning is always evident.   

He quietly stands behind the programs he loves, such as the Clean Water project in Nicaragua, and has made considerable contributions to strengthening the club even when the group may not yet have identified a weakness.  This year he was particularly helpful to us in moving our fundraising efforts to the internet.   

We are grateful for his friendship and his steadfast support, and are happy to nominate John Grew Jr.  as our club’s Unsung Hero.