Posted by Steven Sager on Jun 05, 2019
Holy C#@P! That went by fast!! I can't believe it is June already.  In a way it feels like we are just getting started, but this is Rotary, and it is time to help someone else move the ball further and make more progress than we did.  It is incredible all the work we accomplished.  All the lives we saved.  All the communities we bettered! And yet, our job is not done.  There is so much more we can do.  
The Rotary Foundation. This year we used your contributions to The Rotary Foundation to fund 21 District Grants and 2 Global Grant!  <CLICK HERE> to read about the projects funded by these grants!  We also awarded a Morley Scholarship to O'Mara Taylor for her international studies at Oxford University <CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT THE MORLEY SCHOLARSHIP>
Your contributions to the Rotary Foundation enable all of us to implement these projects.  Without your donations, our service would grind to a halt.  As we approach the end of the Rotary Year, I wanted to remind you that your contributions to The Rotary Foundation's Annual Fund are sorely needed.  We could have funded more club projects if we had the resources to do so.  Please make your gift to the Rotary Foundation today.  We recommend that each member donate $200 to the Foundation so we can continue our outstanding work.   Your contributions and hard work are producing terrific results, but there is so much more we can do. Donations to the Rotary Foundation are easier than ever.  You can donate directly online at this link: <CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO THE ROTARY FOUNDATION>.  Please make sure you send in your donation by June 20 so it will be processed in time to credit the District this year.  If your club still collects your Foundation donations, please make sure your club is sending in the donations now!
Volunteer at RYLA.  This is June.  That means it is RYLA time.  Once again we have nearly 200 students participating in the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.  All of your clubs have done a terrific job identifying appropriate high school sophomores and getting them signed up for RYLA.  Now we need your help to make this program a success. Not only should your club's RYLA chair volunteer, but your club should target one member for every RYLA Student.  In particular, RYLA needs overnight monitors in the dorms for 10 pm - 2:30 am and 2:30 am - 7 am shifts. Volunteers are asked to wear a royal blue shirt for the photo opportunities!  <CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT RYLA VOLUNTEERS AND TO SIGN UP>
Membership.  Your membership committee has been active this year, and your membership chairs have been helpful in developing all of our clubs capabilities in membership development and engagement.  <CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ON MEMBERSHIP>.  Service is a major component of why we are all in Rotary, but we are also in Rotary for the camaraderie and friendships we make.  One of the best opportunities to engage members with camaraderie is to go to another club's social event and invite others to yours.  There is so much more value to Rotary when we do things with other clubs.  Please avail yourselves to these opportunities when presented.
Awards.  Please save the date of July 31, 2019 for our annual kickoff dinner and awards ceremony.  We will be recognizing Rotarians and Clubs for their accomplishments this past year, and we will hear about plans to help our clubs this coming year.  Details to follow.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CLUB AND MEMBERS GET THE RECOGNITION THEY DESERVE BY SUBMITTING THE 2018-19 CLUB PLANNING WORKSHEET BY JUNE 30, 2019 .  If you don't tell us, no one will know about your good work!!!
Before I sign off of my final column, I just want to thank each of you for giving me this opportunity to serve our clubs and our District.  It has been a phenomenal experience for me.  We have terrific clubs and it is truly inspiring to see what all the clubs do to help their communities locally and globally, to network with each other, and to have fun.  I have made friends that will last my lifetime, and I have a renewed appreciation for the hard work it has taken to keep Rotary a success for 114 years.  Stepping aside is part of leadership.  It is easy for me to do because I know DGE Pam is ready to take the baton and bring our clubs further than we have ever gone before.  
Best wishes to you all. I look forward to seeing you around the District, and remember, always continue to BE THE INSPIRATION!
DG Steve