Posted by Laura Spear on Dec 19, 2020
Here are our Rotary Public Image Tips for December.
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  • It’s the holiday season, so that means we can use the logo in our designs, right? It depends! Our logo can’t be altered in any way. The wheel and the wordmark must always appear together. Because the word “Rotary” is a wordmark and not a font, it can’t be replaced with a font. Only specific colors may be used in the logo. We want to protect our Rotary brand! Learn more by downloading an overview on how to use the Rotary logos from Brand Center.
  • Confused about where to start for creating People of Action promotions? Check out the overview and examples in Brand Center.
  • Press releases are not dead yet! Many news-media outlets have online “newspapers” in addition to traditional printed newspapers and accept online contributions. Create a press-release library for your club that includes plug-and-play templates for clubs. Host it on your club website and make it as easy as possible for your clubs to get the word out!
  • Find new public-image courses in the Learning  Center, including Promoting Your Club as People of Action.
  • Two new courses, developed by Toastmasters International for Rotarians and Rotaractors, offer a great way to hone your communication skills: Inspirational Speech; and, Interpersonal Communication and Networking.
  • Don’t forget Rotary has a new PowerPoint template. You can find it on Brand Center.
  • Training season is fast approaching. Plan ahead to share your district-training presentations, including public-image decks and recordings, through Dropbox, a WhatsApp group, a Facebook group (not to be confused with a Facebook page), and/or a district or regional website.
  • Need the guidelines for creating your club’s People of Action stories, club website, and general look and feel? They are all available in Brand Center - your place to go for public-image resources.
  • Need help? Find it on the Help page for Brand Center.

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